Swine Flu At Level 5, Obama Does Nothing

Using boneheaded reasoning in that “the horses are already out of the barn”, Barack Obama refuses to clamp down on the border to stem the flow of the source of the Swine flu outbreak.

It’s essentially the same reasoning he used in surrendering to the Taliban in Afghanistan. It’s too much trouble, it’s gone too far, there’s nothing we can do about it now. The WHO has raised the threat level to 5, which essentially means that a pandemic is imminent. With Obama at the helm, it’s guaranteed.

Here’s why Obama is willing to lay your life and those of your children on the line: Those that are crossing the border are expecting amnesty from Obama, and Congress has the votes to give it to them. Those are voters folks, Democratic voters. Tie that in with the massive fraud that occurs now and America is done. I’ve already talked about how ACORN will assist in rigging the census (and therefore where your tax dollars will be spent), and assisting with registering these newly arrived illegal aliens to vote. They’ve done a hell of a job with the ones that are here now. With a little help from their ethno-centric friends of course.

Securing the borders will do one more thing that no open border loon wants to see: It will show just how effectively it can be done. That would be a disaster for the racist Latino caucus and their racist special interest minions.

Free votes, a North American Union, and complete destruction of any opposition. That’s why the borders stay open and why Obama is willing to put your life in jeopardy.

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