Swine Flu Level 5, Obama Talks Amnesty

If there was an inkling of doubt as to whether Barack Obama has the utmost contempt for the United States, this should eliminate that doubt.

Amid spiraling job losses that add up to hundreds of thousands per month, a government that has to borrow every dime just to stay afloat, a raging drug war on the border, and the WHO raising the threat level of the Mexican swine flu to level 5, Obama feels this is the perfect time to bring up immigration reform. Translation: AMNESTY. He wants to work with members of Congress like rino John manchurian McCain to make it happen.

Considering Obama no longer needs any Republican votes, it’s pretty clear who he’s talking about when he says “working with Congress”.

And the Republicans just stand there like deer in the headlights. Not a peep, not a whimper of protest. Just one. If just one stood up, there’s a wall of Americans ready to stand shoulder to shoulder. Even at this late date in history, red-blooded, common sense Americans still outnumber the loons. The loons just make more noise…

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