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Moving This Blog

How many times does this make? I don’t know, but the post below is from my new site, rjjrdq’s America II. As in the previous attempts, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll be back. WordPress Stat Problems May Force A … Continue reading

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Flight 93 Memorial To Honor Islam?

If this is true, there should be 300 million screams of outrage emanating from America. I’ve said before that one religion doesn’t have have moral superiority over another. That’s my opinion. Case in point: get a load of this unflushed … Continue reading

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Toxic Chinese Drywall Poisoning Americans

Our friends the Chinese have found a new way to poison us, and they’re coming right into your home to do it. When you move into a freshly built home, you expect it to be free of contaminants. That was … Continue reading

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Water Board Advocate Pelosi Escapes Probe

How are we going to get the truth out of Nancy Pelosi regarding her approval of water boarding? How are we going to get her to admit that saying the CIA lied was a lie? Anybody have a bucket of … Continue reading

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Vatican Hid Clergy Child Abuse For Decades

With a Muslim in the White House, this report couldn’t have come at a worse time for Catholics. A nine-year investigation in Ireland has revealed ghastly details of decades of child abuse in government funded religious institutions, including beatings, humliation … Continue reading

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Voters Smack Down Schwarzenegger, Sacramento

Arnold Swarzenegger’s head is already on the chopping block in that a recall petition has been approved by the state-and it has his name on it. Today didn’t help his cause at all. A series of ballot measures to juke … Continue reading

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Hate Crime Bill Just In Time To Protect Democrat Pedophiles

I said previously that Congress was full of pedophile lovers, and now we’ll get to see just how that love is spread around. As Dem after Dem rejected the Steve King amendment that would have exempted pedophiles from hate crime … Continue reading

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Government Already Denying Medical Procedures

Just a little preview of what you can expect when Barack Obama’s socialst universal healthplan blind sides America. As if those who actually need Medicare health benefits were not in enough dire straits, the government has just made it that … Continue reading

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Obama/ACORN Coverup Falling Apart

The filthy bonds that tie Barack Obama to ACORN are well known, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. What is a surprise is that Obama can arrogantly parade around as the President of the United States while … Continue reading

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Wacko Napolitano Yanks Right Wing Extremist Report

Who knows why? Maybe she was afraid some gun-toting, bible thumping, border protecting, abortion clinic bombing veteran would hunt her down. Whatever the real reason is, she pulled the report. Now she’s claiming that one of her minions was not … Continue reading

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