New York State Settles Suit For Racist Governor

It appears as though the mindset of white males need not apply goes beyond the White House. Governor David Patterson (D) of New York was was caught in a case of blatant racism, that, if New Yorkers had any sense should trigger a recall.

When Patterson was the Senate majority leader in the New York legislature, he a had a white photographer fired so he could be replaced with a black man. That was the specific reason the photographer was fired. Well, whitey sued the state, and rather than dragging this thing out in a media circus court battle, they decided to settle with the victim.

Patterson initially said in a sworn statement that his eyesight was so bad he didn’t know the guy was white. That lie was later retracted, attributed as a “joke”, a “quip”. Ha ha.

The majority of votes Barack Obama received in the presidential election were from whites. Some have moved away from race-based identity, and obviously some have not. But that’s another post. It could cover volumes.

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