U.S. Post Office Honors Communist With Stamp

Wake up sheep. Aren’t U.S. postage stamps supposed to reflect historic figures in American history, people who have had a positive impact on the country?

Well, some may believe just that about this guy. The U.S. Post Office has issued a stamp honoring Richard Wright, a communist party member. Your tax dollars at work. What this guy did to contribute to Americana is suspect.

Sure, his literary works received critical acclaim, but so did many others, and they weren’t opposed to foundation of the country they lived in. Some may make the argument that the treatment of blacks in the early 20th century drove him to communism, but it seems to me that such an ideology would be the last thing the oppressed would be attracted to.

A slap in the face to American blacks, and a slap in the face to America as a whole. Anti-Americanism shouldn’t be honored in this country. It’s bad enough we have 4 years of it coming at us.

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