Jimmy Carter To Harvest Coca Leaves

So much for the war on drugs. At the invitation of Bolivian Marxist president Evo Morales, Jimmy Carter plans to roll up a dollar bill and head over to the Morales’ plantation to harvest coca leaves.

Some of those leaves, that will ultimately be processed into cocaine, will make it into the United States. Isn’t that nice to know that a former U.S. president is helping the drug cartels sell cocaine to your children?

I’m not sure what international laws apply here, being that what he’s planning on doing is not illegal in Bolivia, but it certainly is in the United States. Would U.S. law apply? Hey Obama, international norms. Who’d of thunk it? Jimmy Carter with a sickle in one hand, and a coke spoon in the other. He’ll probably use his Che Guevera beret to protect him from the sun too.

Maybe he’s just senile. You could make a case.

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