Republicans Shoot Themselves In The Foot Again

How did the American electorate tilt so far to the left? How did a clown like Barack Obama waltz into the White House virtually unopposed? It was contempt for George Bush.

Fighting them over there while leaving the borders open over here, trying to sell off our sea and airports to foreign interests, the Patriot Act, (which seems pretty tame now after seeing what Obama is doing), encouraging outsourcing, and slobbering over the Saudi King among other things, all contributed to the lock-step Republicans being blown out of not only the White House, but Congress as well. Sure, Obama is doing many of the same things, even on a grander scale-but it’s too late now, he’s already in the White House. Nobody called him on much of anything.

So what is the Republican game plan now? After tokenizing Michael Steele, a shameful case of racial pandering, just like Sarah Palin was supposed to be the conservative Hillary, they’ve take another step backward and have tapped the very hacks that got them in trouble in the first place.

Former counselor to President George W. Bush Ed Gillespie, former Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino and former Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto are holding a workshop for Republican press secretary’s, attempting to teach them how to bull shit the American public. It didn’t work in eight years, so it’s hard to fathom how they think it could work now. That’s all the Republicans need, a reminder that they are the party of the hated George Bush.

There’s a large, conservative base out there with no one to vote for in 2010. Congress is there for the taking, and the Repubs turn to old Bush hacks for guidance. There needs to wholesale turnover in Congress next year, Republicans included.

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