Britain Bans Michael Savage From Country

The once great empire of Britain is gurgling its last breath. As Sharia law and general intolerance envelop the country the homeland hag (yes, they have one too), has decided that radio talk show host Michael Savage is just too radical to be admitted into the country.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has decided that Savage is “someone who has fallen into the category of fomenting hatred, of such extreme views and expressing them in such a way that it is actually likely to cause inter-community tension or even violence if that person were allowed into the country.”

You know, crazy, hateful things like being anti Sharia, wanting the borders secure, advocating first amendment rights, actually criticizing the president (as a vigilant citizen should), and other radical views.

Savage says he may sue for defamation, but it’s unclear whether he would have any chance in a British court. Hell, he might end up in a Sharia court over there and be jailed!

To show the nuttiness of this act, compare Savage to the others that were on this latest list: Hamas leader Yunis Al-Astal, former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard Stephen Donald Black, neo-Nazi Erich Gliebe and radical American pastor Fred Phelps, known for his virulent anti-gay protests at funerals. Phelps’ daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper also is on the list. The others on the list are Jewish nationalist Mike Guzovsky; imprisoned Russian skinhead leaders Artur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky; and Islamic leaders Wadgy Abd El Hamied Mohamed Ghoneim, Abdullah Qadri Al Ahdal, Safwat Hijazi , Amir Siddique, Abdul Ali Musa, Samir Al Quntar and Nasr Javed.

Who’s next? Bloggers? I’m not going down without a fight-oops, I think I just made the international hag list…

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3 Responses to Britain Bans Michael Savage From Country

  1. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    It is interesting that the country, and actually the whole continent, that is afraid to stand up to the extremist Muslims that are infiltrating them suddenly find Michael Saveage too hateful to allow in the country.

  2. pacer521 says:

    great post, rjjrdq — check this post out about Limbaugh, I think you would find it interesting.

  3. rjjrdq says:

    Who’s that politician-I think he’s Dutch, that actually did stand against Muslim extremism. Britain banned him too. An elected official.

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