ACORN Busted Again, Still Slated To Rig Census

How many states does this make now? Nevada has thrown their hat in the ring and filed charges against the racist scumbag operation known as ACORN. Your vote will never count if ACORN has anything to say about it.

The state of Nevada raided ACORN offices and seized evidence that linked them to yet more voter registration fraud. Multiple states are investigating these vermin as well, and why charges of treason aren’t brought against this pack is beyond me.

Or maybe not. After all, they are Barack Obama’s personal vote machine. Anything they can do to lie, cheat, and coerce to help Barry, they’ll do. That is probably the reason no real punishment will ever come down on them. C’mon, their God can’t even produce a birth certificate. What they’re doing is relatively tame in comparison. It’s still treason, and most likely another reason Obama wants to close Gitmo. He and his pals would fill that place up fast.

They still have the census to top themselves with though, and unfortunately, I think we ‘aint seen nothin’ yet…

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2 Responses to ACORN Busted Again, Still Slated To Rig Census

  1. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    It is unbelievable (although not surprising) that this organization is going to have ANY part in the upcoming cunsus.

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