GM To Take Bailout Money And Outsource Jobs

Too big to fail they said. We have to save American jobs they said. The economy would descend into chaos if we didn’t act they said. Well, they lied.

After Barack Obama laid a line bull shit on the American people about how we must save the car companies, One of those companies, General Motors is taking the bailout money siphoned from your pocket and setting up shop overseas. The disconnected logic is that this will give GM time to pull their head out of their ass and recover, eventually bringing back domestic production to near current levels.

Now let me see if I have the logic right. GM is going to dump American workers, outsource their jobs to cheap foreign labor, and then turn around and sell those same foreign made cars back to the very people that lost their jobs! That’s right, all those displaced auto workers and all the ancillary support companies related to production will be buying up these cars that they once produced themselves. Brilliant.

So not only do you lose your job Mr. and Mrs. auto industry, but you’re going to pay to have it done to you. I’ve said previously that these companies were not too big to fail, and didn’t deserve a handout as a reward for their screwups. What do you know? I was right.

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2 Responses to GM To Take Bailout Money And Outsource Jobs

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Thats what we get when the government runs a business! Obama is driving our jobs over to Europe!

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