Black Exec Fired For Supporting A White Man

And the racism just keeps on oozing from the state of New York. We already know that the governor is a racist, and now we see that he isn’t alone. Joyce Johnson, CEO for some group calling itself The Black Equity Alliance devoured one of its own for daring to put down the race card long enough to endorse a mayoral candidate. Johnson threw her support for New York mayor behind Michael Bloomberg, instead of the BEA choice, Bill Thompson, who is, you guessed it, black.

Johnson claims that she was told by the board the Bloomberg wasn’t the right choice because he was “White and Jewish.” Johnson is suing because she stuck to her guns and refused to support Thompson. It’s unclear what he thinks of this mess.

Let’s see, what if there was a group called The White Equity Alliance? You bet there would be cries of racism. But these folks aren’t white. What if Barack Obama was considered “too black” to run for president. You bet there would be cries of racism.

For those of you that affiliate yourselves with these kinds of groups, beware: you’re only safe until you step out of line. You’re not an individual, you’re a cog in the machine, and never forget that.


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One Response to Black Exec Fired For Supporting A White Man

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    I said long ago that if Obama got into the White House that he would put civil rights back many years!

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