Obama Approval Rating Down to 38%

Forget that nonsense contradictory information from a few weeks ago. A consistent, objective poll has found Barack Obama’s approval rating falling to the point where the he is in danger of having more people disapprove than approve.

The Rasmussen poll, which shows a pretty consistent decline in Obama’s popularity refers to the bencmark of popularity: those who strongly approve and those who strongly disapprove. The numbers are apparently so alarming for the Obama administration that the phony poll was released only a day before thousands of angry Americans took to the streets in protest of Obama’s cavalier spending spree, compliments of the American taxpayer.

The margin that separates yea’s from the nays is 4 percentage points. At the rate his popularity is deteriorating, he will end up being one the most unpopular presidents unless he finds a way to stop the bleeding.

If he continues with his current agenda, he’ll end up the most hated man in America.

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5 Responses to Obama Approval Rating Down to 38%

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    More and more Americans are starting to see that Obama isn’t good for this country! He’s on the wrong path..the path to socialist!

  2. rjjrdq says:

    The only reason everyone hasn’t seen Obama for what he is, is that the media has his back.

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  4. bob says:

    Most die hard Obama supporters are not competent people capable of critical thought. Obama scores big with welfare types, public school teachers and college professors whose wrists have gone limp over the years. The good thing is that most of the CIA, FBI, police, military and so on are conservative. Obama only won because Mclame was so weak. But even Mccain could have won if he had not thrown the fight.
    Speaking of incompetent, why has Nancy Paloser been so quiet lately? Can’t she think of anything stupid to say? What a dope.

  5. rjjrdq says:

    Pelosi out of town sucking up to the Chinese. Thanks for stopping by. Check out my new site rjjrdq’s America II

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