Hate Crime Bill Just In Time To Protect Democrat Pedophiles

I said previously that Congress was full of pedophile lovers, and now we’ll get to see just how that love is spread around. As Dem after Dem rejected the Steve King amendment that would have exempted pedophiles from hate crime protection, a gaggle of Democrat pedophiles just coincidentally happen to up on charges.Try to control your anger. There’s a law coming down the pike.

The freaks on the hot seat range from and old Clinton era hack to a Barbara Boxer goon, and even beyond Washington. All these clowns were caught with child porn. But before you get mad and decide you’re going to punch out one of these cretins, beware: the hate crime legislation that Obama will sign mandates even harsher penalties for you than for the pedophiles themselves.

That’s right, slapping around a pedophile pervert will be worse than actually being the pervert!

If (when) Obama signs this piece of crap, someone better be there with a pair of cuffs to haul him away. As if there weren’t enough reasons…

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