Voters Smack Down Schwarzenegger, Sacramento

Arnold Swarzenegger’s head is already on the chopping block in that a recall petition has been approved by the state-and it has his name on it. Today didn’t help his cause at all. A series of ballot measures to juke and jive the citizens of California out of more of our money was resoundingly defeated, a surprise given the recent history of California voters.

There are so many initiatives, measures, mandates, and all sorts of mandatory nonsense that is law in California, that coming up with any kind of reasonable budget is almost rocket science. Unfortunately for California, there aren’t any scientists in Sacramento. However, there are myriad of special interests, unions and advocacy groups that decimate what is left of the non-mandated share of California’s budget. Put this all together and you have a massive deficit and the lowest credit rating of any state.

That won’t change anytime soon. The state is run by Democrats, much the way the Dems run Washington at the moment. If you want to know what the United States will look like very soon, just turn Westward. California is a study in failed socialist policies, and there is no will in Sacramento to turn the page, admit failure and get to work on restoring what was once the greatest, most powerful state in the union. It’s now the laughing stock.

The turnout was low today. That’s a good thing, because it means that the dolts stayed home. The ones that approved all the ridiculous ballot measures in the past without even knowing what they were voting for. The ones that actually paid attention, that actually studied the latest ballot measures showed up, and the results were obvious. The crooked initiatives are failing by an almost 3-1 margin. Sure, Swarzenegger is throwing out the usual threats, cutting police, fire, and throwing open the prison gates, but he already has a bulls-eye on his back. The rest of Sacramento may be in trouble as well…

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