Toxic Chinese Drywall Poisoning Americans

Our friends the Chinese have found a new way to poison us, and they’re coming right into your home to do it. When you move into a freshly built home, you expect it to be free of contaminants. That was before globalization.

At the height of the phony housing boom in the last several years, many contractors cut costs by buying cheap drywall-manufactured in China. No surprise there, and unfortunately, the quality of the drywall was no surprise either. China’s toxic product history is well documented, and to the detriment of America, that’s just fine with some people.

Apparently, the drywall in question is toxic, emitting foul smelling fumes, and sickening the hapless residents of the homes where it was installed. It it estimated the 500 million pounds of the poisonous garbage was installed in American homes, estimated to somewhere around 100,000.

Contractors are blaming the suppliers, the suppliers are blaming the manufacturers, and the they-well, they’re in China, and good luck extracting a remedy from them. The government isn’t likely to do anything. Obama had Hillary over there a few months ago begging for money (that we will be paying back). He’ll be damned if he’ll piss off his communist buddies with the open wallet. The only real recourse for homeowners will be the courts, where lawsuits will drag on for years, and probably won’t effectively compensate for this mess. I’ve said it before: how do you take down a country without firing a shot? You poison them.

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2 Responses to Toxic Chinese Drywall Poisoning Americans

  1. Carl says:


    I am writing about the Toxic Chinese Drywall problem. I have an air purifier that is specifically designed for this application.

    It is not a cure, but a temporary relief from the effects, until something more can be done.

    I was contacted a couple weeks ago by an attorney in Phoenix. He had suggested to some of his clients to get my C600DLX or C600DLX-W for their homes, as it takes so long to resolve in court. He was told the odors and eye burning went away in short order.

    He suggested to me to contact other attorneys and the media about this, so here I am.

    Have a great day

    Carl Allen
    Green Global Solutions, Inc
    Phoenix, AZ

  2. Anonymous says:

    i think the chinese people in china are the next teriorits the toys jewlery baby cribs toxic drywall as well as other product are harmful and cause death

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