Water Board Advocate Pelosi Escapes Probe

How are we going to get the truth out of Nancy Pelosi regarding her approval of water boarding? How are we going to get her to admit that saying the CIA lied was a lie? Anybody have a bucket of water?

A Republican bid for a bi-partisan investigation into the matter was smacked down by party lines when the Repubs idea for a probe was put to a vote. They should have known better that to bring anything to a vote with that crowd. They don’t even have enough votes to sway any kind of legislation, so it was curious that they thought something like this would ever pass.

That doesn’t mean they can’t keep this thing alive. In fact, it’s in their interest to keep this alive for a long as possible and turn old frozen face into a lame duck, if that’s possible in such a lopsided Congress.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s so much corruption from Obama on down, that Congress is theirs for the taking. Liars, tax cheats, racists, socialists, outright Marxists and pedophile lovers are all gifts to the Republicans who have at least half the country, and if the tea parties are any indication, and angry half. What will they do with all these get out of the doghouse free cards? They haven’t done much yet, but it looks like there may be signs of life. Maybe…

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