Flight 93 Memorial To Honor Islam?

If this is true, there should be 300 million screams of outrage emanating from America. I’ve said before that one religion doesn’t have have moral superiority over another. That’s my opinion. Case in point: get a load of this unflushed toilet.

The Flight 93 memorial, which is supposed to honor the 40 heroes that perished on 9/11 when they thwarted the Muslim hijackers who attempted to do even more damage to America that day, has a design that, at its most benign, is questionable. The design just happens to be in the shape of a crescent. Okay, nobody has a copyright on that, but that shape is combined with other things. It turns out that the crescent design just happens to point straigt to Mecca. That’s right, just like every mosque, this design points to Mecca. Coincidence? It doesn’t stop there. Part of the design is to erect translucent blocks, each one symbolizing a victim aboard Flight 93. There were 40 Americans on board that day, and 4 hijackers. There are 44 blocks. Why the extra 4 blocks? The panel that is in charge of this thing is explaining it away, but my question is, why should they have to?

Why would you choose a design that would even remotely intimate anything to do with Islam? Why the controversial extra 4 blocks? Why the directional precision pointing to Mecca?

For me, this is an outrage. How difficult would it be to redesign the damn thing and make it more like the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C., or something else that wouldn’t evoke such controversy? Why the balls-out push for this design? There’s a petition going around to ask Congress to investigate. That seems reasonable to me.

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8 Responses to Flight 93 Memorial To Honor Islam?

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Its would not suprize me one bit that its true! It seems that the White House is listening more to the Muslim terrorist than it is to Congress or the American people!

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  4. CC says:

    It is true and due to the outrage from before, they renamed it from the Crescent of Embrace to the 40 Memorial Groves. http://www.nps.gov/flni/upload/Design%20presentatioN2.pdf

    I’ve come across a bunch of information lately and if it is all true, the four extra clear blocks is the least of our concerns.

    Just a few things:



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