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Obama/ACORN Coverup Falling Apart

The filthy bonds that tie Barack Obama to ACORN are well known, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. What is a surprise is that Obama can arrogantly parade around as the President of the United States while … Continue reading

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Criminally Absurd: ANOTHER Tax Cheat For Obama

How many does this make? I’ve lost count. In a move certain to set some kind of record in scumbaggery, Barack Obama has tapped yet another tax cheat for his administration. Today’s crook is Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas. What’s … Continue reading

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Youth Brigade Bill To Include ACORN Funding

That’s right, when the government comes and drags your children out of the house for a little mandatory service, guess who will be doing the nuts and bolts indoctrination? The Senate laughed off an amendment by Sen. David Vitter, R-La. … Continue reading

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Corrupt And Spineless Politicians

Corruption and spinelessness have been entrenched in politics back as far as the eye can see, and to document the sheer historical absurdity would consume volumes. Let’s focus on recent machinations, and that should give you a good idea of … Continue reading

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Congress, White House Colluded To Allow Bonuses

I said before that the outrage in Washington over AIG bonuses was phony, and now we’re getting a picture of just how phony the outrage is. All the anger, all the feigned indignation, all the responsiveness to the howls of … Continue reading

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Obama Awash In AIG Contributions

Yes, Mr. Indignant, Mr. appalled, Barack Obama, the man who sat silently for months knowing that AIG was getting ready to hand out millions of dollars in bonuses, has been caught, literally with his hand in the cookie jar. As … Continue reading

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AIG Bonus Party

The garbage at AIG are at it again, this time handing out obscene bonuses to their best and brightest. Yes, you heard it right. The same company that lost $62 billion in the last quarter and are currently in hock … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters Bailed Out By U.S. Taxpayers

Voters, are you getting this? Did you hear this one? Maxine Waters, the one who let slip out that socialism was the ultimate plan, just raked you for $12 million dollars to bailout a bank where her husband sat on … Continue reading

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Beyond Belief: Obama Hires Yet Another Scumbag?

It appears so, and this clown has been put in charge of security of the federal information databanks. That would be your personal information. The Washington D.C. Office of the Chief Technology Officer was raided Thursday after a lengthy investigation … Continue reading

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Unreal: Yet Another Obama Tax Cheat

This would almost be funny if not for the fact that Barack Obama is on a tax raising rampage. That is apparently unless you work for him. Joining a parade of tax cheats that Obama has chosen for his transparent … Continue reading

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