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Obama/ACORN Coverup Falling Apart

The filthy bonds that tie Barack Obama to ACORN are well known, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. What is a surprise is that Obama can arrogantly parade around as the President of the United States while … Continue reading

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Outrageous Hate Speech From Olbermann Program

Remember when the liberal mantra was, “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it”? Consider those days a thing of the past. I don’t watch Keith Olbermann’s … Continue reading

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Have A Free Blog, Or Host Your Own?

Using WordPress, or any other blogging platform is convenient and allows you to get your material out into the blogosphere. But there are limitations…

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Aunt Flouts U.S. Law, Obama Plays Clueless Card

So who did Barack Obama throw under the bus-I mean the plane this week? Anybody who got in his way…

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McCain Roasts Obama, Brings Down The House

Who knew John McCain had a humorous side? Check out these video(s) from the Alfred E. Smith charity Dinner. I’ve included Obama roasting McCain, but I didn’t think he was nearly as funny. He had his moments though…

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Presidential Debate 3 (Unedited, As It Happened)

Missed the, sign in, passworrrrrrd, dashboard, write-ok, here we go…

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Is McCain Trying To Lose?

As the presidential election draws near, McCain rallies are becoming more raucous, and the rhetoric more heated. Out of the thousands who have attended these rallies, there have been a few that have made comments that the media has pounced … Continue reading

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McCain/Obama Unedited (As It Happened)

No editing, just what came out as it happened. Missed the very beginning…

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McCain Accused of Racism?

There was a recent Associated press article regarding Sarah Palin’s comments about the relationship between Barack Obama, and the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Objective journalism? Let’s take a look.

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Dick Morris Skewers Alan Colmes on Fox

I was watching Fox New just now, to get reaction to the debate, and Dick Morris was on, being interviewed by Alan Colmes. He was lavishing praise on Sarah Palin. Colmes didn’t agree.

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