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Obama/ACORN Coverup Falling Apart

The filthy bonds that tie Barack Obama to ACORN are well known, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. What is a surprise is that Obama can arrogantly parade around as the President of the United States while … Continue reading

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ACORN Busted Again, Still Slated To Rig Census

How many states does this make now? Nevada has thrown their hat in the ring and filed charges against the racist scumbag operation known as ACORN. Your vote will never count if ACORN has anything to say about it. The … Continue reading

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Swine Flu At Level 5, Obama Does Nothing

Using boneheaded reasoning in that “the horses are already out of the barn”, Barack Obama refuses to clamp down on the border to stem the flow of the source of the Swine flu outbreak. It’s essentially the same reasoning he … Continue reading

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Crackpot Napolitano Opens Her Pie Hole Again

To say that this maroon borders on retardation would be an insult to the retarded (We’ll leave those insults to Obama). Every time Janet Napolitano opens her mouth, some some kind of ridiculous slop spews out. In her latest departure … Continue reading

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Swine Flu Alert At Level 4

The World Health Organization raised the alert level for the swine flu outbreak to level 4, meaning essentially bad news, but the alert was met with indifference by the U.S. government. While other countries in Europe and elsewhere issued warnings … Continue reading

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Youth Brigade Bill To Include ACORN Funding

That’s right, when the government comes and drags your children out of the house for a little mandatory service, guess who will be doing the nuts and bolts indoctrination? The Senate laughed off an amendment by Sen. David Vitter, R-La. … Continue reading

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ACORN To Help Rig Census

Well, we knew there was reason Barack Obama ripped the census duties away from Judd Gregg, causing him to flush his job as commerce secretary down the socialist toilet. How many people suspected that Barry was going to pull something … Continue reading

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Joe The Plumber Sues Obama Thugs

All he did was ask a simple question. A working stiff who just wants to hang on to his money, and he had a question for then candidate Barack Obama. Well, that question put Obama on the spot and he … Continue reading

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Aunt Flouts U.S. Law, Obama Plays Clueless Card

So who did Barack Obama throw under the bus-I mean the plane this week? Anybody who got in his way…

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Congress Caves to Wall Street

Well, we knew it would pass eventually. Contrary to what Congress is saying, it is indeed a bailout for Wall Street. $700 billion to buy up bad debt. Sure, it’s a benefit to Wall Street, bu there are two sides … Continue reading

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