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Hate Crime Bill Just In Time To Protect Democrat Pedophiles

I said previously that Congress was full of pedophile lovers, and now we’ll get to see just how that love is spread around. As Dem after Dem rejected the Steve King amendment that would have exempted pedophiles from hate crime … Continue reading

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Obama/ACORN Coverup Falling Apart

The filthy bonds that tie Barack Obama to ACORN are well known, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. What is a surprise is that Obama can arrogantly parade around as the President of the United States while … Continue reading

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Obama Approval Rating Down to 38%

Forget that nonsense contradictory information from a few weeks ago. A consistent, objective poll has found Barack Obama’s approval rating falling to the point where the he is in danger of having more people disapprove than approve. The Rasmussen poll, … Continue reading

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Obama To Cage Terror Detainees Indefinitely?

Can you say flip-flop? This was the cornerstone of Al-Obama’s foreign policy campaign: close Gitmo and get those poor terrorists their day in court. Well, that day may be a long time coming. Now that the reality has sunk in … Continue reading

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GM To Take Bailout Money And Outsource Jobs

Too big to fail they said. We have to save American jobs they said. The economy would descend into chaos if we didn’t act they said. Well, they lied. After Barack Obama laid a line bull shit on the American … Continue reading

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Pedophiles To Be Federally Protected

And military veterans are not. Here’s the change you can believe in folks. If any of you voted for this vermin in Washington, you’re accessories to crime, but at least you have 2010 to get yourself off the hook. We … Continue reading

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ACORN Busted Again, Still Slated To Rig Census

How many states does this make now? Nevada has thrown their hat in the ring and filed charges against the racist scumbag operation known as ACORN. Your vote will never count if ACORN has anything to say about it. The … Continue reading

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Obama Targets Outsourcing, India Chuckles

It sounds like Barack Obama is proposing something that might actually make sense: closing a tax loophole that allows American companies to claim a deduction when they outsource American jobs. Well, it’s the though that counts. Taking away incentives to … Continue reading

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Hypocrite Dems War Spending More Than Obama Wanted

All the complaining about George Bush and war spending that was bankrupting the nation turns out to have been a bunch of hot air. House Democrats have proposed a war spending bill that surpasses even what the free spending Barack … Continue reading

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100 Days Of Buffoonery

And this is just the lighter mainstream stuff. One of the many great posts at The Patriot Room

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