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Jerry Brown Bragged, “It’s all a lie,”

Jerry Brown Bragged, “It’s all a lie,”. Advertisements

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Voters Smack Down Schwarzenegger, Sacramento

Arnold Swarzenegger’s head is already on the chopping block in that a recall petition has been approved by the state-and it has his name on it. Today didn’t help his cause at all. A series of ballot measures to juke … Continue reading

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California Looks To Ban Dark Cars

If you aren’t familiar with California politics, consider yourself lucky. The latest goofballery coming from Sacramento involves what color car you drive. What’s the difference you say? Well, according to the global warming goons, darker cars take in more heat … Continue reading

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California Budget Help A Bong Load Away?

The cash-strapped state already taxes medical marijuana, and with the lax enforcement signals coming from the Obama administration, this could either be a boon for California, or another source of revenue politicians can flush down the proverbial toilet. Your guess … Continue reading

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L.A. Mayor Skulks Into Second Term

In a mayoral race where 9 relatively unknown candidates split votes between them, you would think that the incumbent, Antonio Mecha Villaraigosa would have cruised to victory Tuesday. Technically he did, but with a vote of less than 50% mandating … Continue reading

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California Mauled By Tax Increases

We all knew it was coming, and now it’s here. Amid the worse economic downturn since the great depression, Sacramento has voted for a budget that includes massive tax increases for the already reeling California taxpayer. Sales tax, income tax, … Continue reading

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Americans Fed Up, Leaving California

Once the envy of the nation, California, with its mild climate, golden beaches, rolling hills, cheap living and Hollywood chic, is now the embarrassment of the nation, and anyone with the means to get out is doing so. At least … Continue reading

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California Circles The Drain

In a living paradigm of what socialism would look like in the United States, the budget woes of California, in and of itself one of the largest economies in the world can only mean disaster for its now fleeing citizens. … Continue reading

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Unemployed Americans To Fund Illegal Alien Healthcare

Have you forgotten that unemployment benefits are taxable income? That meant nothing to your elected representatives, despite the fact that thousands of Americans are losing their jobs every week and turning to taxable unemployment benefits. Your elected representatives have expanded … Continue reading

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California To Purge Illegal Alien Enrollment? Don’t Count On It

A recent California Court of Appeals ruling found that California’s policy of offering in-state tuition to illegal aliens was unconstitutional-against the law. Will the ruling make room for American citizens previously denied enrollment? We’re talking California…

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