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Toxic Chinese Drywall Poisoning Americans

Our friends the Chinese have found a new way to poison us, and they’re coming right into your home to do it. When you move into a freshly built home, you expect it to be free of contaminants. That was … Continue reading

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Massive Computer Spy Network Exposed

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. The surprise is that very little is being done. A Canadian research group has uncovered a computer spy ring with tentacles in at least 100 countries, spying and stealing information everywhere form embassies … Continue reading

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Corrupt And Spineless Politicians

Corruption and spinelessness have been entrenched in politics back as far as the eye can see, and to document the sheer historical absurdity would consume volumes. Let’s focus on recent machinations, and that should give you a good idea of … Continue reading

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Russian Bombers in Cuba, Venezuela?

Sensing that Barack Obama really is the international neophyte that was feared he would be, Russia has decided to give Obama a little test to see how weak he really is. Russia is contemplating placing some of their bombers in … Continue reading

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China To Cash Out U.S. Securities?

They didn’t say it outright, but China has indicated that they’re worried about the massive debt buildup and the out of sight spending by the United States. Couple that with the collapse of banks holding bad debt, and any investor … Continue reading

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What Happened To The United States?

What happened to the United States? It wasn’t that long ago that jobs were plentiful, wages were decent, and home ownership was flourishing. Now, thousands of Americans are losing their livelihood, be it from outsourcing, and poor, and even corrupt … Continue reading

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Clinton Skins Her Knees For Chinese Thuggery

Before Hillary Clinton’s trip to China this week, the State Department assured the public and human rights groups that human rights would be “an important issue”. Well, you can just guess how that worked out. As soon as Clinton got … Continue reading

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World Threatens U.S. For Daring To Buy American

Maybe Jerimiah Wright had something when he said, “the chickens have come home to roost”. All those wonderful free trade enslavements agreements that the U.S. have entered into over the years has come to this: A clause in the porkulus … Continue reading

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Bush Says Goodbye, Slithers Into Oblivion

George Bush maintains that he doesn’t know history will see him, but the rest of us have a pretty good idea. His farewell speech was one of the lowest rated in history, and if that’s not an indicator for Bush, … Continue reading

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U.S. Being Sold Off To Foreign Interests

As if defective children’s safety products, poisoned food, contaminated medicines, useless automobile tires, and the rest of the crap coming from China weren’t enough, it turns out that the communist nightmare that set a new standard in poor quality has … Continue reading

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