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Water Board Advocate Pelosi Escapes Probe

How are we going to get the truth out of Nancy Pelosi regarding her approval of water boarding? How are we going to get her to admit that saying the CIA lied was a lie? Anybody have a bucket of … Continue reading

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Hate Crime Bill Just In Time To Protect Democrat Pedophiles

I said previously that Congress was full of pedophile lovers, and now we’ll get to see just how that love is spread around. As Dem after Dem rejected the Steve King amendment that would have exempted pedophiles from hate crime … Continue reading

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Republicans Shoot Themselves In The Foot Again

How did the American electorate tilt so far to the left? How did a clown like Barack Obama waltz into the White House virtually unopposed? It was contempt for George Bush. Fighting them over there while leaving the borders open … Continue reading

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Hypocrite Dems War Spending More Than Obama Wanted

All the complaining about George Bush and war spending that was bankrupting the nation turns out to have been a bunch of hot air. House Democrats have proposed a war spending bill that surpasses even what the free spending Barack … Continue reading

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U.S. Citizens Officially Have No Representation

Democrats have a majority in the house and senate, and they don’t need Republicans-or you to ramrod their agenda through. But what of the Constitution, checks and balances, the 3 branches of government and all those safety mechanisms? Apparently, there’s … Continue reading

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Treasury Official Wants You To Leave Banks Alone

Horrible loan decisions, and even more horrible investment decisions led banks and other lending and investment institutions to flush themselves down the toilet and are trying to take America with it. If any institution should be watched like a hawk, … Continue reading

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Voter Apathy

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. He understood that no system, including the American system he helped create could withstand the inevitable attempts at usurpation and corruption that existed then, and still exists today. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Government Looking To Turn Your Children Over To The U.N.

The usurping convention, signed by Bill Clinton but never ratified by congress, has raised its ugly head again, this time being pushed by the Democratic lush Barbara Boxer. With the blessings of Barack Obama, all it will take is for … Continue reading

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Mexico Spirals Into Oblivion

Our friends South of the border have lost control of their country. A drug war rages in what will soon be the former country of Mexico, and if recent events carry any weight, the war is clearly a losing proposition. … Continue reading

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Obama Agenda Too Much For Gregg

Just weeks into his new role as commerce secretary, Republican senator Judd Gregg has called it quits with the Obama administration. Citing the crap sandwich of a stimulus bill as one of the main reasons, his exodus deals another blow … Continue reading

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