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Government Already Denying Medical Procedures

Just a little preview of what you can expect when Barack Obama’s socialst universal healthplan blind sides America. As if those who actually need Medicare health benefits were not in enough dire straits, the government has just made it that … Continue reading

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Tax On The Poor About To Take Effect

On April 1, a federal tobacco tax increase of 61 cents will take effect, the proceeds used to fund some kind of government run health care thing for kids. Well, sounds like a great idea, right? Not so fast. Barack … Continue reading

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Martial Law = No Obama?

With yet another bailout the American public were against, the U.S. government continues to run up the taxpayer tab on questionable bailouts to companies that have shown either a callous disregard, or bumbling ineptitude in business affairs. So far the … Continue reading

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On the Superhighway, the elites and the Lobotomizing of America

I hear construction is about to start on a ten lane superhighway, stretching from Southern Mexico to Kansas City. Gee, what would they need something like that for?

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