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Swine Flu Level 5, Obama Talks Amnesty

If there was an inkling of doubt as to whether Barack Obama has the utmost contempt for the United States, this should eliminate that doubt. Amid spiraling job losses that add up to hundreds of thousands per month, a government … Continue reading

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Candidates In The Pocket Of Wall Street

When the credit markets recently crashed, many politicians were almost hysterical in their zeal to pass a bailout bill. Were they just apoplectic over the possible collapse of the U.S. economy, or was there more to it?

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Election A Sham, Voting Machines *EASILY* Hacked

And for those of you that think one side is trying to outflank the other…

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Colin Powell’s Revenge

The rumors were out there. Colin Powell was going to endorse one of the candidates. But to whom would this Republican lend his support? Surprise? It shouldn’t be.

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McCain Roasts Obama, Brings Down The House

Who knew John McCain had a humorous side? Check out these video(s) from the Alfred E. Smith charity Dinner. I’ve included Obama roasting McCain, but I didn’t think he was nearly as funny. He had his moments though…

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Presidential Debate 3 (Unedited, As It Happened)

Missed the beginning-WordPress.com, sign in, passworrrrrrd, dashboard, write-ok, here we go…

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Why McCain Showed Up For The Debate

John McCain allegedly suspended his campaign, so he could go to Washington and hammer out a bailout deal. He was to forgo the debate with Barack Obama. That’s what he was saying all week, but when Friday came, he was … Continue reading

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