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Who Would You Really Have Voted For? (Poll)

Let’s assume that each of these candidates had an equal chance of winning the election and becoming President of the United States. No need to vote against another candidate. Advertisements

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Is McCain Trying To Lose?

As the presidential election draws near, McCain rallies are becoming more raucous, and the rhetoric more heated. Out of the thousands who have attended these rallies, there have been a few that have made comments that the media has pounced … Continue reading

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You Aren’t Waiting For Those Candidates To Help, Are You?

Well, you heard the latest debate between McCain and Obama. They wrangled a little bit (At least we know John McCain is still kicking), and did a whole lot of finger pointing. But what were the two issues that weighed … Continue reading

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McCain/Obama Unedited (As It Happened)

No editing, just what came out as it happened. Missed the very beginning…

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How McCain or Obama Will Erase the Borders

It’s no secret that presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama have immigration platforms that are completely out of touch with the American people. The issue has been left completely out of the limelight this campaign, with the economy taking … Continue reading

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Obama, ACORN, And The Mortgage Crisis

Community organizer. The term sounds so benign, but the reality is that some “community organizers” are pit bulls that wreaked havoc on the economy of the United States. How does Barack Obama fit into this model?

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Washington Mutual + Illegal Aliens = Bailout?

During the campaign, we’ve seen both senators Obama and McCain pander to ethno-centrist groups in an effort to garner ostensibly, a sliver of the American vote. What we haven’t heard much of is what these candidates plan to do about … Continue reading

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McCain and Obama: A Flaccid Debate

I suppose there were those that suffered through the first presidential debate, hoping that somehow this historic event would be all it was billed to be. Those folks should have known better. Continue reading

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Heading Towards a Communist America?

Can the argument be made that the time is right for revolution? Has capitalism careened out of control? With the income gap between the richest and poorest in this country growing at an explosive rate, even former Federal Reserved Chairman … Continue reading

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Race a Factor in the Election?

The recent AP-Yahoo news poll is suggesting that race could be a deciding factor in the presidential election. The poll found that the whites polled harbored at least some negative views towards blacks. The question is, are these views applied … Continue reading

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