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Flight 93 Memorial To Honor Islam?

If this is true, there should be 300 million screams of outrage emanating from America. I’ve said before that one religion doesn’t have have moral superiority over another. That’s my opinion. Case in point: get a load of this unflushed … Continue reading

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Obama Orders The Name Of Jesus Covered Before Speech

Still think this imposter is not a Muslim? As if his European capitulation tour didn’t convince you, Obama wants to make it clear where he’s coming from-and where we’re going. In a teleprompter fest speech given at Georgetown University on … Continue reading

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Obama Surrenders America To Islam

I thought the Obama European surrender tour had come to an end, but he needed one last clip to completely remove the testicles of the United States. In a speech to the Turkish parliament, Obama wanted all Muslims to be … Continue reading

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Obama Smacked Down Trying to Surrender To Iran

In a shameful display of servile fawning, Barack Obama, who instead of pursuing behind the scenes diplomatic channels with the brutal regime in Iran, decided to deliver an internet message, and if you’re an American you should be beyond embarrassed. … Continue reading

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