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Black Exec Fired For Supporting A White Man

And the racism just keeps on oozing from the state of New York. We already know that the governor is a racist, and now we see that he isn’t alone. Joyce Johnson, CEO for some group calling itself The Black … Continue reading

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New York State Settles Suit For Racist Governor

It appears as though the mindset of white males need not apply goes beyond the White House. Governor David Patterson (D) of New York was was caught in a case of blatant racism, that, if New Yorkers had any sense … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Pulls Jackass Stunt

Conjuring up memories of 9-11, the Obama administration decided to kick New Yorkers in gut with a photo op stunt that was tasteless at best, and criminal at worst. Anybody else would have been shot down. Not these clowns. A … Continue reading

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