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Obama To Bill Veterans For War Injuries

You heard it right. This clown is living up to his Obamanation moniker. Our troops are literally putting life and limb on the line in defense of this country. You would expect that government would have their back to some … Continue reading

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Congressman Introduces Birth Certificate Legislation

You would think that something like this would already be a rule. Apparently is it not. When a candidate runs for President of the United States, he or she should provide proof of citizenship. It looks like this is not … Continue reading

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Bush More Popular Than Obama?

You would never know it by listening to the fawning media, but yes, George Bush’s job approval rating was slightly higher at this point in his presidency. Remember, for Bush, this was just after the bruising 2000 election with hanging … Continue reading

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L.A. Mayor Skulks Into Second Term

In a mayoral race where 9 relatively unknown candidates split votes between them, you would think that the incumbent, Antonio Mecha Villaraigosa would have cruised to victory Tuesday. Technically he did, but with a vote of less than 50% mandating … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Mayoral Campaign Coverage Virtually Non-Existent

Did you know Los Angeles has a mayoral election coming up March 3? Many Angelenos aren’t aware of it either. But the fact that there has been virtually no press coverage regarding the election is no excuse. It’s an embarrassment … Continue reading

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Obama To Ramp Up Afghan War

During the campaign, one of Barack Obama’s planks was that he was going to end the war in Iraq in a relatively short time frame. He even took the 100 year comment by John McCain out of context to drive … Continue reading

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Is Obama Really Running The Show?

He wouldn’t be the first figurehead president in history. Here’s a guy who can’t get out a complete sentence without a teleprompter, yet his agenda is advancing quite rapidly. So if it turns out to be the case that Obama … Continue reading

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United States of America: July 4, 1776-January 20, 2009 RIP

The overthrow is now official. Some say the overthrow happened in 1913, and maybe it did, but now it’s official. In a racism tinged circus, Barack Obama, that man that couldn’t seem to find a legitimate birth certificate, was installed … Continue reading

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Election Is Over, Back To Ignoring Government

Well, Obama is in, and he’s going fix everything. The mainstream media will give you all the information you need. Go back to your life now… Apparently, this is the course taken by many people. Has anyone noticed the drop … Continue reading

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Kenyan Government Shuts The Mouth Of Obama’s Family

Why would the Kenyan government block Obama’s family in Kenya from talking to the media? This, as they build shrines to the new messiah.

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