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GM To Take Bailout Money And Outsource Jobs

Too big to fail they said. We have to save American jobs they said. The economy would descend into chaos if we didn’t act they said. Well, they lied. After Barack Obama laid a line bull shit on the American … Continue reading

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Pedophiles To Be Federally Protected

And military veterans are not. Here’s the change you can believe in folks. If any of you voted for this vermin in Washington, you’re accessories to crime, but at least you have 2010 to get yourself off the hook. We … Continue reading

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Hag Pelosi Caught In A Lie

I’m being as nice as I can be. This senile old witch who feigned indignation over the use of water boarding against American hating terrorists has had the lie blow up in her face. Newly released CIA documents show that … Continue reading

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ACORN Busted Again, Still Slated To Rig Census

How many states does this make now? Nevada has thrown their hat in the ring and filed charges against the racist scumbag operation known as ACORN. Your vote will never count if ACORN has anything to say about it. The … Continue reading

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Hypocrite Dems War Spending More Than Obama Wanted

All the complaining about George Bush and war spending that was bankrupting the nation turns out to have been a bunch of hot air. House Democrats have proposed a war spending bill that surpasses even what the free spending Barack … Continue reading

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U.S. Post Office Honors Communist With Stamp

Wake up sheep. Aren’t U.S. postage stamps supposed to reflect historic figures in American history, people who have had a positive impact on the country? Well, some may believe just that about this guy. The U.S. Post Office has issued … Continue reading

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100 Days Of Buffoonery

And this is just the lighter mainstream stuff. One of the many great posts at The Patriot Room

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New York State Settles Suit For Racist Governor

It appears as though the mindset of white males need not apply goes beyond the White House. Governor David Patterson (D) of New York was was caught in a case of blatant racism, that, if New Yorkers had any sense … Continue reading

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Swine Flu Level 5, Obama Talks Amnesty

If there was an inkling of doubt as to whether Barack Obama has the utmost contempt for the United States, this should eliminate that doubt. Amid spiraling job losses that add up to hundreds of thousands per month, a government … Continue reading

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MSNBC Yanks Poll That Gives Obama An “F”

Yes, a poll from kool-aid drinker central invited what they thought were Obamabots to participate in a poll and give Barack Obama a grade for this first 100 days in office. What they got was quite a surprise. The majority … Continue reading

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