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Black Exec Fired For Supporting A White Man

And the racism just keeps on oozing from the state of New York. We already know that the governor is a racist, and now we see that he isn’t alone. Joyce Johnson, CEO for some group calling itself The Black … Continue reading

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New York State Settles Suit For Racist Governor

It appears as though the mindset of white males need not apply goes beyond the White House. Governor David Patterson (D) of New York was was caught in a case of blatant racism, that, if New Yorkers had any sense … Continue reading

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Obama Adds Another Token Latino

Faced with an ass kicking from the Latino caucus, Barack Obama got a little reprieve today when Hilda Solis was confirmed as labor secretary. Obama was warned by the racist caucus that if he didn’t stock his administration with an … Continue reading

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Race Card Victicrats Go Postal

For those that have a vested interest in keeping phony race issues alive, the uproar over a cartoon published by the New York Post has provided fuel that they apparently hope will keep the issue on life support. Ignoring the … Continue reading

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Whites The First Humans In North America?

It appears so. Much to the apoplectic consternation of ethno-centrist hate groups such as MECHa, MALDEF, The National Council of La Raza (the race) and others, science has flushed their whole racist agenda down the proverbial toilet. A perfectly preserved … Continue reading

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Obama Economic Advisor: White Males Need Not Apply

You wanted hope and change? Where here it comes, with all the force of a lead pipe crashing down on your skull. The post racial fraud that is Barack Obama trotted out one of his economic advisors to explain how … Continue reading

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ABC Botches Race Baiting Scheme

In an effort to soften up Americans for the next immigration reform bill that is sure to be coming down the pike, ABC has sunk lower than normal, setting up a phony race baiting scheme to see how many people … Continue reading

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Race a Factor in the Election?

The recent AP-Yahoo news poll is suggesting that race could be a deciding factor in the presidential election. The poll found that the whites polled harbored at least some negative views towards blacks. The question is, are these views applied … Continue reading

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Looking into a Mirror

I have a theory that may or may not be accurate. Sometimes it sure seems to be. Our elected “leaders” are just the reflection of the public at large. Continue reading

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