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Flight 93 Memorial To Honor Islam?

If this is true, there should be 300 million screams of outrage emanating from America. I’ve said before that one religion doesn’t have have moral superiority over another. That’s my opinion. Case in point: get a load of this unflushed … Continue reading

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Obama To Cage Terror Detainees Indefinitely?

Can you say flip-flop? This was the cornerstone of Al-Obama’s foreign policy campaign: close Gitmo and get those poor terrorists their day in court. Well, that day may be a long time coming. Now that the reality has sunk in … Continue reading

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Hag Pelosi Caught In A Lie

I’m being as nice as I can be. This senile old witch who feigned indignation over the use of water boarding against American hating terrorists has had the lie blow up in her face. Newly released CIA documents show that … Continue reading

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Britain Bans Michael Savage From Country

The once great empire of Britain is gurgling its last breath. As Sharia law and general intolerance envelop the country the homeland hag (yes, they have one too), has decided that radio talk show host Michael Savage is just too … Continue reading

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Waterboarding Worked, But White House Rewrites Memo

While Nancy Pelosi parades around using the I did not have sex with that woman approach to denying that she knew about the Bush administration’s terrorist interrogation techniques, A memo from the White House intelligence director confirms that indeed, the … Continue reading

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Obama Surrenders America To Islam

I thought the Obama European surrender tour had come to an end, but he needed one last clip to completely remove the testicles of the United States. In a speech to the Turkish parliament, Obama wanted all Muslims to be … Continue reading

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