What Happened To The United States?

What happened to the United States? It wasn’t that long ago that jobs were plentiful, wages were decent, and home ownership was flourishing. Now, thousands of Americans are losing their livelihood, be it from outsourcing, and poor, and even corrupt business decisions. Wages are declining for the lucky ones that still have a job, due to in-sourcing and belt-tightening measures from those same dubious companies that showed their competence in business matters. And good luck finding a neighborhood that doesn’t have foreclosure sign nailed to at least one door.

Under the guise of global cooperation, millions of American jobs are shipped to overseas cheap labor markets, many times those markets resorting to slave and even child labor in order to ship cheap (in price and quality) products back to the very same consumer who lost their job to the child laborer in China, or some other exploitive job market. So what do that “cheap” products look like? We have all heard about the quality of food that is coming from China. In fact you yourself may have lost a pet that had the misfortune of eating tainted pet food from that country. This is in addition to the food allegedly fit for human consumption, such as seafood, and even baby formula that sickened, and even killed infants. How about the anti-freeze laced toothpaste? Maybe your child brushed their teeth with that (literally) poison.

With the volume of garbage being shipped to the U.S. every day, there is no possibility of screening all of it for safety. Perfunctory spot checks have revealed a frightening array of contaminated food products, lead tainted toys, discombobulating automobile tires, and the list goes on. What does out faux president plan to do about that? Probably nothing, considering the fact that the U.S. is about to borrow another trillion dollars from these same countries that are fattening up on what used to be American wealth. The debt to a country such as China is so profound, that Chinese officials are actually lecturing the U.S. on how to run an economy. And why not? The own a big enough chunk of it to now have a say.

So now we’re bailing out banks that have shipped your job overseas, loaned money to patently unqualified people, many not even citizens, tied up mortgages into packages and sold them off as some kind of an “investment”, and then as a thank you for the bailout, jacks up the interest rates on your credit cards. The idea of handing billions of dollars over to the same companies that steamrolled the economy in the first place was vehemently opposed by the American public, but like the recent pork bill, was passed anyway. Speaking of that pork-laden bill, not one member of the house read that turkey before voting it through. That’s right, NOT ONE. Representation? What representation?

To top this all off, another amnesty push is being considered by Congress, even though the last amnesty fiasco was opposed by the overwhelming majority of Americans. Of course it was. This bill included (at the government’s discretion) amnesty for gang members as well. MS13 and the cartels were lining up in anticipation of that disaster passing. Fortunately it failed, but it is far from dead. Never mind the fact that the drug war in Mexico has caused that country to be the number two national security threat, behind…Iraq. Number two, and the buffoons in Washington are still looking for a way to push amnesty. How much will this cost? The country is flat broke now. Not too broke to send $400 million to Mexico to “fight the drug war”. Millions of dollars of high-tech equipment that even the government concedes may end up in the hands of the very cartels being battled.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Outrage is open-ended…

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20 Responses to What Happened To The United States?

  1. Lord Tantrum says:

    I get the feeling that we’re in the midst of a huge moment in history. In hundreds of years, historians will look back on the stock market collapse of 2008/2009. But what’s going to happen? Damned if I know. I just hope in hundreds of years Chinese is not the only language in use.

  2. goodtimepolitics says:

    It was Obama and the democrats that pushed the loan companies to make loans to patently unqualified people. He wanted the poor to be gave loans when they had no way of repaying it.

    The food is something I have been thinking about, we started getting more and more tainted food after 9/11 and there has to be a reason.

    Obama is losing his high rating fast and if he keeps up his weekly parties on tax payer money and running around the country on Airforce One leaving a carbon trail larger than Al Gore and does not start doing more about the econmy he will be in trouble with the voters soon!

    Good post!

  3. rjjrdq says:

    You said Lord Tantrum. It’s just a rumor-I don’t know how it could be legally done, but if Hillary Clinton cut some kind of eminent domain deal with the Chinese in order to continue borrowing…I think “Pu Tao” means friend. Start brushing up.

    Goodtime: The loans were bad enough. To repackage them and turn them into toxic derivatives is what collapsed many of these companies, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Imagine a hundred shitty loans all packaged into one security?

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  5. MAC says:

    I just got my layoff notice again on friday this is the third time this year.I live in the Charlotte NC area as a truck driver . I see the devastating effects of unfair trade policies of our government everyday. The loss of textile and furniture factories in the the Carolinas has decimated whole towns .I beleave our media has missed the real true reason for the poor economic condition of our country.We will never have a real lasting recovery until we face the truth , the thinking has to change . If we are going to compete with third world coutries we ether put up tariffs , or gut our way of life.What Im trying to say is if the people really want free trade we have to compete on a level playing field .We must remove medicare, social security ,all inviromental laws and unemployment insurance .We must remove the minimum wage ,and work place safety ,and outlaw all organized labor.The road we are on now is a dead end road that runs of a cliff.

  6. Marta Burgess says:

    My son wonders if the chinese are doing all that on purpose, I think they want to kill us all. We should not buy chinese at all. Also, somebody mention amnesty for illegals, I wish more people would get involved and speak out EVERYWHERE about the illegals, another form of destroying America through cultural infiltration and drugs, APIPAC is a place every body should go, they are fighting illegal immigration and they need more people to know about them. Please, circulate around about ALIPAC.

  7. Marta Burgess says:

    My son wonders if the chinese are doing all that on purpose, I think they want to kill us all. We should not buy chinese at all. Also, somebody mention amnesty for illegals, I wish more people would get involved and speak out EVERYWHERE about the illegals, another form of destroying America through cultural infiltration and drugs, alipac is a place every body should go, they are fighting illegal immigration and they need more people to know about them. Please, circulate around about ALIPAC.

  8. Pat says:

    Not to mention the impact of turning all those toxic imports into garbage to be stored underground in the U.S. – complete insanity!

  9. Barb Hartwell says:

    I do not know who is to blame for our economic crisis and I really do not care I want our country to come together again. United we stand divided we fall. I would like to see us helping each other. I`m not talking free rides to everyone but multi billion dollar corporations should be able to provide decent wage jobs to the hard working folks that have made this country what is was. and what it can be again. If wall street bank execs can receive millions in bonus`s I think paying our blue collar worker at least enough to support a family without sacrificing time to show their family love is not too much to ask. I feel if things continue on this course our country will become a war zone and that is something nobody wants to see.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I would like to hear from people who are not far right or far left just people who are interested in our country and the people in it. Maybe we can listen to each other not the politicians who do not really give a hoot about the average Joes in America.

  11. Barb Hartwel says:

    I agree with you anonymous. Lets talk about the issues without fighting among each other. I feel we will accomplish nothing bashing either side. We are Americans first. I do not believe the Chinese are out to kill us, but I believe they could bring our economy down further having the U.S. indebted to them as much as we are. We need to bring back manufacturing to Americans, restaurants and other services will start thriving again. For now we can sacrifice some, maybe if your house is paid for and you make money on a rental lower the rent to help somebody in need, just till things get better. there are always things people can do to help a fellow American.

  12. Barb Hartwell says:

    Instead of getting outraged about people getting basic food and health care why are you not outraged with the perks the wealthy senators and congress men and women get. I feel they could pay for their own health-care and save for their retirement with the big bucks they get. Not to mention all the gifts they receive from corporations trying to sway their votes. I know we have a lot of work that needs to be done to stop frauds from living off the government, but our government officials should set better examples.

  13. Barb Hartwell says:

    Well here we go again anther public official embarrassing himself his family and the people who trusted him. It sickens me the kind of people that run this great country of ours. They say they are ashamed of their behavior (right) They are sorry they got caught. Every time this happens our country loses a little bit of her soul. You all should be ashamed of yourself. When a person is voted into a position representing others, they need to conduct themselves to a higher standard than the people they represent. To all that have cheated America and your families. (you disgust me)

  14. Barb Hartwell says:

    I wrote something on the new website and it would not let me post it called me a spambot ,it would not let me answer the simple question. My question is… Does somebody censor what is said. I never used profanity or said anything that could harm anyone, but I received negative messages. Was it because I am not a republican. I never said I was against everything the republicans are for, but I am not for everything either. I also feel the same for the democrat party.I will always be true to who I am and that is a good person and a true American (proud to be so).

  15. Anonymous says:

    I worked for 30 years in this country only to not be able to find a job! Does that not mean anything? In my opinion did I not contribute? Where is my money when I have no work? I supported other people for 30 years! My Mom has had to help me. What has happened to this country? I apply for a minimum wage job and they want me to take a voice test to see if there is anything they don’t like about it..I work on the phones…what the heck! That is insane to me considering the millions of hispanics with jobs that can barely speak english!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is a great place for me to vent!! Oh and the position was called Experienced Phone Expert! What the heck does that mean??? What about answering service person or phone operator it is not rocket science for God’s sake!! And I hate the internet!!! Go apply on the internet they say! Does anybody ever get a call? And as far as mimimum wage in concerned that is the only thing that has gone up since the 80’s except prices for things that are as not as good quality as before…What about the average american worker…let’s see…office job in the 80’s $10.00 an hour…office job in 2012 $10.00 an hour! And most other jobs like that…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Oh and the one thing I need medical coverage for is the one thing that the insurance does not cover! I am sure there were times when I was starving and going to work there were people on welfare living better than me…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Let’s see starve and go to work…yep still money being taken from my check? I needed to money at the time.

  19. Anonymous says:

    We were a strong America when our country wouldn’t let anyone else here to live from other countries. Now lets say “Happy Holidays” in schools instead of Merry Christmas! If you don’t like it go back to where you came from!!! We will have soldiers marching our streets, its a matter of time. Enjoy your friends and family now, because this is just the beginning.

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