Moving This Blog

How many times does this make? I don’t know, but the post below is from my new site, rjjrdq’s America II. As in the previous attempts, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll be back.

WordPress Stat Problems May Force A Move

I know, I know, there are two things that can be fatal to a blog: poor content, and moving a blog. WordPress is having substantial problems with their blog stats, and although I will give them a little more time (not much), it looks like I may take the leap and move rjjrdq’s America.

Sure, the stats problem is the trigger, but I’ve been looking to move the blog for a while now, and after several unsuccessful attempts I will…try it again. I’m not 100% happy with this service, but I suspect I wouldn’t be 100% happy with any service, so if WordPress doesn’t get its act together soon, I’ll be moving here.

As I said, it’s risky to move a blog, and I’ve built up some readership and Google search ranking with the WordPress blog, but sooner or later I must break away and go it alone. We’ll see how it works out.

Flight 93 Memorial To Honor Islam?

If this is true, there should be 300 million screams of outrage emanating from America. I’ve said before that one religion doesn’t have have moral superiority over another. That’s my opinion. Case in point: get a load of this unflushed toilet.

The Flight 93 memorial, which is supposed to honor the 40 heroes that perished on 9/11 when they thwarted the Muslim hijackers who attempted to do even more damage to America that day, has a design that, at its most benign, is questionable. The design just happens to be in the shape of a crescent. Okay, nobody has a copyright on that, but that shape is combined with other things. It turns out that the crescent design just happens to point straigt to Mecca. That’s right, just like every mosque, this design points to Mecca. Coincidence? It doesn’t stop there. Part of the design is to erect translucent blocks, each one symbolizing a victim aboard Flight 93. There were 40 Americans on board that day, and 4 hijackers. There are 44 blocks. Why the extra 4 blocks? The panel that is in charge of this thing is explaining it away, but my question is, why should they have to?

Why would you choose a design that would even remotely intimate anything to do with Islam? Why the controversial extra 4 blocks? Why the directional precision pointing to Mecca?

For me, this is an outrage. How difficult would it be to redesign the damn thing and make it more like the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C., or something else that wouldn’t evoke such controversy? Why the balls-out push for this design? There’s a petition going around to ask Congress to investigate. That seems reasonable to me.

Toxic Chinese Drywall Poisoning Americans

Our friends the Chinese have found a new way to poison us, and they’re coming right into your home to do it. When you move into a freshly built home, you expect it to be free of contaminants. That was before globalization.

At the height of the phony housing boom in the last several years, many contractors cut costs by buying cheap drywall-manufactured in China. No surprise there, and unfortunately, the quality of the drywall was no surprise either. China’s toxic product history is well documented, and to the detriment of America, that’s just fine with some people.

Apparently, the drywall in question is toxic, emitting foul smelling fumes, and sickening the hapless residents of the homes where it was installed. It it estimated the 500 million pounds of the poisonous garbage was installed in American homes, estimated to somewhere around 100,000.

Contractors are blaming the suppliers, the suppliers are blaming the manufacturers, and the they-well, they’re in China, and good luck extracting a remedy from them. The government isn’t likely to do anything. Obama had Hillary over there a few months ago begging for money (that we will be paying back). He’ll be damned if he’ll piss off his communist buddies with the open wallet. The only real recourse for homeowners will be the courts, where lawsuits will drag on for years, and probably won’t effectively compensate for this mess. I’ve said it before: how do you take down a country without firing a shot? You poison them.

Water Board Advocate Pelosi Escapes Probe

How are we going to get the truth out of Nancy Pelosi regarding her approval of water boarding? How are we going to get her to admit that saying the CIA lied was a lie? Anybody have a bucket of water?

A Republican bid for a bi-partisan investigation into the matter was smacked down by party lines when the Repubs idea for a probe was put to a vote. They should have known better that to bring anything to a vote with that crowd. They don’t even have enough votes to sway any kind of legislation, so it was curious that they thought something like this would ever pass.

That doesn’t mean they can’t keep this thing alive. In fact, it’s in their interest to keep this alive for a long as possible and turn old frozen face into a lame duck, if that’s possible in such a lopsided Congress.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s so much corruption from Obama on down, that Congress is theirs for the taking. Liars, tax cheats, racists, socialists, outright Marxists and pedophile lovers are all gifts to the Republicans who have at least half the country, and if the tea parties are any indication, and angry half. What will they do with all these get out of the doghouse free cards? They haven’t done much yet, but it looks like there may be signs of life. Maybe…

Vatican Hid Clergy Child Abuse For Decades

With a Muslim in the White House, this report couldn’t have come at a worse time for Catholics.

A nine-year investigation in Ireland has revealed ghastly details of decades of child abuse in government funded religious institutions, including beatings, humliation and rape. You can get the heinous details here.

The reports shows that abuse at orphanages and other homes for wayward children were turned into living hells, with abuse occurring on a daily basis. Documents found at the Vatican confirm this. That’s right the Vatican. This stuff was going on since at least the 30’s, and the Vatican was silent. Our latest Hitler youth pope? He knew. Pope John, who some want to make a saint…HE KNEW! And he did nothing.

That’s not to say that there aren’t fine people who are Catholic. My grandparents were the kindest, most loving people I’ve ever known, and they were God-fearing to the core. Religion was ingrained into their daily lives. They were the salt of the earth and I’m sure are being rewarded now for their kindness here on earth.

That doesn’t excuse the church as an institution. Nor does it give any other religion moral superiority over them. Who can claim that? The clit hacking, woman hating, pedophile prophet worshippers over at Islam? Hardly. Ultimately, religion is a man made institution, and no matter how devoted you are, and how supportive you are of the church, in the end, it’s just you and the The One. There won’t be any church backing you then. What did you do? How did you live your life? That’s the most important thing.

I won’t take sides. If I see wrong-doing, I’ll call whoever or whatever is doing the wrong. Today’s stomach turner came compliments of the Catholic church.

Voters Smack Down Schwarzenegger, Sacramento

Arnold Swarzenegger’s head is already on the chopping block in that a recall petition has been approved by the state-and it has his name on it. Today didn’t help his cause at all. A series of ballot measures to juke and jive the citizens of California out of more of our money was resoundingly defeated, a surprise given the recent history of California voters.

There are so many initiatives, measures, mandates, and all sorts of mandatory nonsense that is law in California, that coming up with any kind of reasonable budget is almost rocket science. Unfortunately for California, there aren’t any scientists in Sacramento. However, there are myriad of special interests, unions and advocacy groups that decimate what is left of the non-mandated share of California’s budget. Put this all together and you have a massive deficit and the lowest credit rating of any state.

That won’t change anytime soon. The state is run by Democrats, much the way the Dems run Washington at the moment. If you want to know what the United States will look like very soon, just turn Westward. California is a study in failed socialist policies, and there is no will in Sacramento to turn the page, admit failure and get to work on restoring what was once the greatest, most powerful state in the union. It’s now the laughing stock.

The turnout was low today. That’s a good thing, because it means that the dolts stayed home. The ones that approved all the ridiculous ballot measures in the past without even knowing what they were voting for. The ones that actually paid attention, that actually studied the latest ballot measures showed up, and the results were obvious. The crooked initiatives are failing by an almost 3-1 margin. Sure, Swarzenegger is throwing out the usual threats, cutting police, fire, and throwing open the prison gates, but he already has a bulls-eye on his back. The rest of Sacramento may be in trouble as well…