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Swine Flu Level 5, Obama Talks Amnesty

If there was an inkling of doubt as to whether Barack Obama has the utmost contempt for the United States, this should eliminate that doubt. Amid spiraling job losses that add up to hundreds of thousands per month, a government … Continue reading

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MSNBC Yanks Poll That Gives Obama An “F”

Yes, a poll from kool-aid drinker central invited what they thought were Obamabots to participate in a poll and give Barack Obama a grade for this first 100 days in office. What they got was quite a surprise. The majority … Continue reading

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Swine Flu At Level 5, Obama Does Nothing

Using boneheaded reasoning in that “the horses are already out of the barn”, Barack Obama refuses to clamp down on the border to stem the flow of the source of the Swine flu outbreak. It’s essentially the same reasoning he … Continue reading

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Crackpot Napolitano Opens Her Pie Hole Again

To say that this maroon borders on retardation would be an insult to the retarded (We’ll leave those insults to Obama). Every time Janet Napolitano opens her mouth, some some kind of ridiculous slop spews out. In her latest departure … Continue reading

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Swine Flu Alert At Level 4

The World Health Organization raised the alert level for the swine flu outbreak to level 4, meaning essentially bad news, but the alert was met with indifference by the U.S. government. While other countries in Europe and elsewhere issued warnings … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Pulls Jackass Stunt

Conjuring up memories of 9-11, the Obama administration decided to kick New Yorkers in gut with a photo op stunt that was tasteless at best, and criminal at worst. Anybody else would have been shot down. Not these clowns. A … Continue reading

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Obama Fights American Hostages In Court

I ask again: Do you still think this guy is not a Muslim? This latest outrage should trigger an impeachment. Americans that were taken as hostages in Iran back during the Carter administration have filed multiple suits over the years … Continue reading

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Waterboarding Worked, But White House Rewrites Memo

While Nancy Pelosi parades around using the I did not have sex with that woman approach to denying that she knew about the Bush administration’s terrorist interrogation techniques, A memo from the White House intelligence director confirms that indeed, the … Continue reading

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Obama Job Approval: “Who you gonna’ believe?”

Obama job approval rating above 60% Schneider: Is Obama the superpresident? Poll of change: Obama’s job approval slipping to ‘50-50’ Partisan Gap in Obama Job Approval Widest in Modern Era Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (Rasmussen) Zogby: Obama’s Job Approval Rating … Continue reading

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New Threat From Mexico

A full blown, bloody drug war wasn’t enough to close down the borders, so it’s no surprise that the Obama administration has done nothing about this new threat. A swine flu outbreak has killed scores in Mexico, and the World … Continue reading

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