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Savage Kurds Mutilate Their Women

There’s plenty of horror and mindless torture in the world, but when done under the guise of tradition and respectability, it goes beyond the pale. Many aspects of Middle Eastern, and African culture for that matter can seem very strange … Continue reading

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The Retail Sales Scam

The next time you go to a store and see an item marked sale you probably assume that the sale price is lower than the original retail price. Not so fast. In the case of a failing business, liquidators take … Continue reading

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Time To Legalize Marijuana?

With the backing of legions of potheads and 500 economists (501 if you count Milton Friedman), the push to legalize marijuana grows stronger by the day. Given the current economic malaise America is experiencing, legalizing the number one cash crop, … Continue reading

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Rat Bastard Bush Pardons More Human Garbage

What is going on inside that pea-brain? Did one of those shoes actually hit him? George Bush pardons 19 more, most of them repulsive slime, but two Border Patrol heroes continue to rot in prison. Not unlike his last batch … Continue reading

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Banks Refuse To Account For Your Bailout Money

It’s the ultimate arrogance for those supposed bright financial minds that drove companies that were worth billions of dollars into the ground. When banks were asked what they were doing with the money, they couldn’t come up with a straight … Continue reading

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Cheney: We Were Going To War No Matter What

At first is seemed a bit ludicrous that the Iraqi shoe thrower who narrowly missed taking George Bush’s head off during a press conference, not only wants to be released immediately, but is going to sue for damages and injuries … Continue reading

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CNBC’s Erin Burnett: We Need China’s Toxic Food And Lead Coated Toys To Keep Economy Strong

I’ll say it again. I wish I sucked, then I could get a cushy, high paying job like her… Crooksandliars

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Election Is Over, Back To Ignoring Government

Well, Obama is in, and he’s going fix everything. The mainstream media will give you all the information you need. Go back to your life now… Apparently, this is the course taken by many people. Has anyone noticed the drop … Continue reading

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Kenyan Government Shuts The Mouth Of Obama’s Family

Why would the Kenyan government block Obama’s family in Kenya from talking to the media? This, as they build shrines to the new messiah.

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The Future Is Here. "It’s not a tax, it’s a fee"

California has come up with a socialist model for the nation that can empty the pockets of Americans with little or no recourse.

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