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Hate Crime Bill Just In Time To Protect Democrat Pedophiles

I said previously that Congress was full of pedophile lovers, and now we’ll get to see just how that love is spread around. As Dem after Dem rejected the Steve King amendment that would have exempted pedophiles from hate crime … Continue reading

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Wacko Napolitano Yanks Right Wing Extremist Report

Who knows why? Maybe she was afraid some gun-toting, bible thumping, border protecting, abortion clinic bombing veteran would hunt her down. Whatever the real reason is, she pulled the report. Now she’s claiming that one of her minions was not … Continue reading

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Drudge Report Banned By U.S. Attorney’s Office

Of all the millions of websites floating around in cyberspace, it seems that the U.S. Attorney’s office in Massachussetts has decided that The Druge Report is the most dangerous. Of course, not all U.S. attorney’s offices have come to this … Continue reading

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Obama To Cage Terror Detainees Indefinitely?

Can you say flip-flop? This was the cornerstone of Al-Obama’s foreign policy campaign: close Gitmo and get those poor terrorists their day in court. Well, that day may be a long time coming. Now that the reality has sunk in … Continue reading

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Remember Ed Freeman

Someone at work sent me this e-mail. I don’t know how old it is. Doesn’t matter. We need more Americans like this.  A mighty man of valor. You’re an 19 year old kid. You’re critically wounded, and dying in the … Continue reading

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Hag Pelosi Caught In A Lie

I’m being as nice as I can be. This senile old witch who feigned indignation over the use of water boarding against American hating terrorists has had the lie blow up in her face. Newly released CIA documents show that … Continue reading

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ACORN Busted Again, Still Slated To Rig Census

How many states does this make now? Nevada has thrown their hat in the ring and filed charges against the racist scumbag operation known as ACORN. Your vote will never count if ACORN has anything to say about it. The … Continue reading

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Britain Bans Michael Savage From Country

The once great empire of Britain is gurgling its last breath. As Sharia law and general intolerance envelop the country the homeland hag (yes, they have one too), has decided that radio talk show host Michael Savage is just too … Continue reading

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Hypocrite Dems War Spending More Than Obama Wanted

All the complaining about George Bush and war spending that was bankrupting the nation turns out to have been a bunch of hot air. House Democrats have proposed a war spending bill that surpasses even what the free spending Barack … Continue reading

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50 Year-Old Cartoon Stunningly Relevant

I found this classic at Time For Thorns

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