Border Patrol Agents Continue To Rot In Prison

With a mere swipe of his pen, George Bush could free two heroic sentinels who laid their lives on the line patrolling the U.S. border, stopping every kind of terrorist, drug/human smuggler, and Mexican military incursion that came their way. Don’t count on it though.

The two agents, Ignacio “Nacho” Ramos and Jose Compean, were on patrol one day when they spotted a suspicious van near the border. When the agents attempted to stop the van, the driver, who indeed, turned out to be a drug smuggler, made a run for it, abandoning the van in the process. There was a pursuit, a struggle, and ultimately shots fired from one of the agents, one of those nailing the drug smuggler in the ass.The smuggler escaped across the border.

The recovered van contained over 800 pounds of marijuana, destined for the streets of America. They had done their job. Apparently, this government didn’t feel that way. With a zeal not seen before, the U.S. government went so far as to go to Mexico, find this drug dealer (how that was accomplised is another story), brought him back to the United States, gave him taxpayer funded medical care, amnesty from his drug smuggling crime, a temporary pass to come and go across the border at will, all in exchange for testimony against Ramos and Campeon. And testify he did.

In a railroading that included a denial of evidence questioning the credibility of the drug dealer, the agents were convicted and are now serving years behind bars. The dealer subsequently sued the U.S. government for his injuries. It’s not clear if he will ever collect, since after several incidents, he was finally jailed for drug smuggling and faces years in prison himself. George Bush will not offer clemency, or even commute the sentences of these two agents. What about Obama? He’s looking for amnesty in his first 100 days. You never know, but it doesn’t look promising, and in the mean time, the rest of the border patrol have been sent a clear message: That border stays open if you know what’s good for you.Why? That’s another post…

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4 Responses to Border Patrol Agents Continue To Rot In Prison

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  2. beertap says:

    This is why I stopped voting Republican. Republicans used to be tough on crime. Now they could care less about the rule of law. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The drug smuggler was absolutely wrong. It’s also wrong for a border patrol agent to take aim and fire a gun at a man running away who is on the Mexican side of the border and who is not threatening the border patrol agents. Even the border patrol agents knew what they did was wrong because they tried to cover it up. The only conservative talk radio entertainer that got this one right is Neal Boortz.

  3. rjjrdq says:

    There’s the controversy. The agents though Davila had a gun. It was their word against the smuggler. They took the word of the smuggler. Of course the jury didn’t know he was a hard core smuggler and had been arrested after that incident for smuggling. Sutton wanted them so bad he somehow was able to keep that out of the trial. This was a drug smuggler who crossed illegally into the United States and resisted arrest. They should have got him in the head.

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